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The Context for my Scenario

I am reviewing the scenario through the lens of teacher asked to expand the application of English courses and credits at a private university in the city of Argentina. The University is characterized by being less than twenty years old and experiencing the crisis of going from almost family lie in its management to becoming more professionally run.

 Overview of the scenario: 

 EAP and ESP have been understood as the strand of EFL pertinent to higher education. Teachers, graduates and students alike are keen on engaging in language courses online and face to face. The language offer has grown and developed thanks to the participation of all actors. Agreements with other universities are being drawn to train their language teachers in moving away from the old tradition of teaching reading skills as ESP.
 The scenario I have chosen is Schools as centers of Resilience from Learning in 2025 by KowledgeWorks 

Recommended decisions: 

  • Create courses that adapt to students' realities (full time jobs and family).
  • Find new ways around the academic year for openings to offer courses.
  • Explain to other management and  faculty what EAP and ESP re and what they mean in the present world outside the local setting.
  • Strive for an update of the Distance Education area and the platforms in use.
  • Provide courses for faculty to support their research and intenrational participation.
  • Gather a team of ESP teachers who particpate in the global teaching networks and are leaders of change.
  • Show upper management  the English department can prove a source of funding as trainer of teachers in other universities or levels of education.

Key decisions:

Connect with and strive for a redesign of the distance education area of the university whic is currently outdated. 
This action is of key importance since it is the main restriction the university faces to be able to fit the international scene of education and educational challenges. Without proper performance, no changes in course offers or credits are possible, no new ways of delivery that fit students realities can be applied.

Supporting faculty work.
This action will allow us to gain recognition among staff and create the status for a language department that is necessary to fulfill the other decisions we have in mind. If we cannot acomplish this, then English will continue to be a threat to faculty who is not proficient inn English and internal recognition of the area will prove more difficult, if not impossible.

 Transferability of recommended decisions for the scenarios alternatives: 

The key decisions are so common sense that they are transefrable to the other scenarios. If scenarios shifted towards more governmental control or provision of funds, minor adpatation sin terms of expressing rule compliance or money spent might prove beneficial.

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