domingo, 28 de julio de 2013

Declaring Myself

Today is my first attempt at doing the presession activities for the SP4ED MOOC. I am a teacher, teacher educator and researcher based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My main area of interest is Educational Management, subject which I teach at the B.A. for English Language Teachers at university. In the past two years, after more than a decade in high managerial positions within the private education sector, I decided to make a strong career change and go back to basics: classrooms in the state run sector. Therefore, I registered to teach EFL classes at primary level in my hometown. I needed to share the reality most of my teacher students faced daily, something that had not been my ususal practice given I spent most of my career in privileged settings. So currently my work duties cover not only teaching at university but also actual classrooom teaching to children in an underprivileged quarter of town. Also, I am doing my Masters' in Educational Management and I have become particualry interested in the design of futures as a response to traditional, linear expectation of future. This is te strongest reason for my joining the SP4Ed Mooc, to try scenario planning as part of my training for my Master's degree. I am particulary eager to connect with professionals in areas of Latinamerica or non central countries to think together the futures we want our people to face for their own benefit and development.

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